My favorite hobby

I haven’t had a hobby that I could be proud of for over 10 years. But a game called Street Fighter Ⅴ:now my favorite hobby changed me. So, I recommend you playing it.

First of all, it is fun. Beautiful and cool visual effects should entertain you. Likewise, the gameplay mechanics are great. The game maker Capcom is one of the most popular game makers in Japan. Thus, you should feel fun.

Next, you can play against people from all over the world. Because anyone can play on the internet from anywhere. Moreover, the result of the matches gives rankings from over one million players. Hence, you should want to get better.

Finally, many professional gamers excite you. Even only in Japan, there are over 40 professionalisms gamers. Besides, you can enjoy pro gamers’ video streaming service. The play of pro gamers tells us that playing a game can be sports. Therefore, you should know the depth of the game.

In conclusion, the game Street Fighter Ⅴ should addict you. And like I am, it makes you happy. You must start to play it right now. I’m looking forward to playing against you.

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