【SFV】Menat all costume images summary【Undressing included】

All costume images of Street Fighter V Menat are summarized. I don’t know why, but all types aren’t listed on the CAPCOM official website.

This time, I will introduce all the types that can be obtained by purchasing the Steam version Champion Edition Upgrade Kit as of January 2021.Unfortunately, this kit does not include the CPT costumes.


What is undressing?

Undressing means that some costumes change partly by pressing the undressing command (see below) in certain situations (see below).

Certain situations are

  • When selecting a character from after selecting the V trigger to before the start of the match
  • From the K.O. of each round to the start of the next round

The undressing command is

  • ↑ + Weak Medium Strong P + Weak K Simultaneous push

You can enjoy playful costumes for each character.

Menat all costume

It is all costume images of Menat, the Moe character of SFV. If the costume has an undressing pattern, both are listed.


No undressing

The cute, tight thighs, the absolute area, and the fluttering, unclear objects are also good. No undressing.


No undressing

This is a cool Menato costume. When combined with black clothes, Menat’s skin feels darker. No undressing.

Battle Outfit

No dressing

A mysterious mummy costume with high-cut legs, probably because he is from Egypt. Recently, it is often used by professional gamer sako. No undressing.

School Uniform

Left is undressing、right is normal

The hairband is not cute, but it’s a cute knee high socks. Undressing takes off the blazer.


Left is undressing、right is normal

It’s so cute, the fluttering skirt is titillating. Japanese notation is [Christmas], and will Christmas costumes not be transmitted outside Japan? Undressing eliminates the hood, chest ribbon, and cat’s tail.


Left is undressing、right is normal

It seems to be a sub-character costume that appears in the “Darkstalkers” series. Undressing eliminates strange things on the right hand.


Left is undressing、right is normal

Cute. Undressing eliminates the cloak. Is the theme of the cloak the wings of a cockroach? I wanted to disappear the headgear too.


Left is undressing、right is normal

As it is a moe character of SFV, the professional costume is a maid. When undressing, the glasses and apron disappear, and the hair grows for some reason.


No dressing

It’s Felicia’s costume that appears in the “Darkstalkers” series. Isn’t the tail too long? No undressing.


Left is undressing、right is normal

It’s Devilot’s costume that appears in “Cyberbots”. I think that the skirt will spread and it will be difficult to understand the hit judgment, but it seems that it is not prohibited at a regular match. When undressing, the hairstyle becomes normal. Normal hairstyles are cuter.

Track Suit

No dressing

Will knee high socks be allowed in gym clothes at school? No undressing.


How was Menat’s costume?

FV is a hard-core game, and while retaining its elements, it is a cute character that is called a Moe character. If you look closely at the face, everyone is a little stubborn, but I think that’s good. It’s a pity that I couldn’t introduce the colors because the amount was too large.


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